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road trippin

The Bikers Won! "It was a bad day for intra-metropolitan area commercial aviation. Jet Blue flight No. 405—the flight that was supposed to help Angelenos beat the chaos resulting from the closure of the 405 freeway—was bested not only by the @wolfpackhustle A team (elite cyclists who had pledged to follow traffic rules), but by @garyridesbikes, a late entrant promising to take only public transit and walk, and, if Twitter is to be believed, a Rollerblader, @jennix, who supposedly came in third. The gripping tale of the race to the Long Beach lighthouse is there for all to see on Twitter at #flightvsbikes. "According to Twitter-based calculations by @bcgp, the unofficial finish times were: Bike: 1:34 Metro/Walk: 1:44 Rollerblades: 2:40 Plane/Lost Cabdriver: 2:54"

Sunday Afternoon Music Break

Feist again!

How's your Carmageddon?

Did you hear that they shut down the 405 freeway between the 101 and 10? If you live in LA, it would be impossible not to know about. Around here they call it Carmageddon. So far, however, it seems pretty benign. Then again, we live in East LA! One especially fun development is that Jet Blue is offering $4 flights from Burbank to Long Beach as a way of avoiding the 405...but mostly as a marketing gimmick, of course. A group of LA bicyclists responded to a challenge to race one of the planes from one destination to another. Both teams of travelers must start from a set location outside of Burbank and they end up in a park in Long Beach. More here. Go bikes!


Bibimbap is a perfect summer dinner! I used this recipe and let the boys choose their veggies, they both chose spinach, carrot & cucumber. The magenta business on there is some pickled radishes I made a couple days ago from the veggie box using rice vinegar, garlic, ginger & lime. There's some rice hidden beneath the veggie goodness & the beef was super tender and sweet!

Friday Afternoon Music Break

I heart Feist! From Missy's Google+ post! Google+, catch tha fever!

summer fun

6 years ago today.... owen was born ....look at him now! happy birthday to you!