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Moving day

Apartment empty All of our stuff in boxes Wireless still up! Pee stain on the bed A little embarassing Movers, don't judge us Everything is shipped Nothing really left to do What's that extra box?

What's Owen up to?

Earlier this week I was working on my computer while Owen played nearby. For his birthday, we got him a little kids' cell phone, with big yellow buttons, assorted games and ring tones. The emergency button has three presets: the fire department ("I drive a truck and I have a dog with spots!"), the police ("I make sure people obey the rules!") and Paul's Pizza ("Paul's Pizza! This is Paul!"). Paul's Pizza is right up there with the police and fire dept. F'real? Anyway, when you push a number, Gabby (the chick on the other line) repeats the number, e.g. "BOOP. Five!" Owen was pressing the buttons and Gabby was repeating them. But before he pushed each button, he said the number out loud. So, in the background I heard, "Fie! BOOP. Five! Sith! BOOP. Six! Tee! BOOP. Three!" Slowly it worked its way into my conscience that, "HOLY CRAP! Owen knows his numbers!" At that moment I started wondering what the graduat

So I have a web log now

I have a web log now. I'm now That Guy With A Blog. I'm approaching this whole thing with much trepidation for a couple reasons. First, I hate the word "blog." What a dumb word. Is it really that hard to say "web log"? Who was sitting around and decided, "dang, man, I'm tired of staying 2 whole words for this thing. I don't got time for saying 2 words. Time to shorten things up a bit." Some words just grate. So I'll try to refer to this as a web log so I don't hate myself in the morning. But I have a feeling that running a web log will cause me to lower my standards, much in the way that having a kid makes you able to deal with snot and poop in ways you never imagined. The other problem I have is a fear of digital commitment. I'm starting this whole thing because I'm starting a brand new phase of my life. After living in Berkeley for 7 years, starting a family, earning two degrees and meeting some of the best people in the