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bubble brothers

doesn't get much better than bubbles at bath-time

Hallelujah! Delay-send for Gmail

I have long dreamt of a way to write an email now and schedule it to be sent at a later date. Suppose I'm checking my email and a new message arrives right then. I check it, and hooray, I can respond to it with a single sentence and get it out of my inbox. But wait! I don't want the recipient to start expecting 1-minute turnarounds to their emails. Friends know this happens from time to time, but I don't need the registrar's office to think this is how I roll. However, I can't just let the email sit there, or worse I might forget to mark it as unread, or forget to "star" it. Well, with Boomerang for Gmail I can write the insta-reply, but turn it into a delayed response:

The Wholefoods Parking Lot

Erin emailed this to me saying, "best rhyme ever at 2:20. wait for it..." This buster's on his iPhone talking to his friends Picking up some cayenne pepper for his master cleanse You're the most annoying dude I've ever seen brah Could you please move, you're right in front of the Quinoa

Mar's Lesson in Pronunciation

We've been working on Mr. Chatterbox (aka Marcus) on pronouncing hard k's and c's, which for him sound like t's. In the car the other day he tried to give back a little: Owen: "There's a Sally car!" (referring to Sally, a Porche in the movie Cars) Erin: "That's right, a Shally. Wait, did I just say 'shally'?" Mar: "No! Say Sally. Kuh-, kuh-, kuh-. Sally!"

Our Swagger Wagon

Sunday Erin and I took the step over the brink. Yes, we officially crossed the line into hard-core parenting with the purchase of a minivan. However, we tried our best to hedge our position and we bought the smallest, swooftest-looking minivan we could find: the Mazda5. We found a certified used 2009 version on Autotrader for well below the Edmunds TMV , and braved the purchase process at a south-LA Mazda dealership. Fortunately we did plenty of research, had all our numbers and paperwork in order, and we closely followed the advice of the Motley Fool's guide car buying. Thanks Ben and Elisa for buying that book for us! It has leather seating for 6, a sun roof, a CD changer, Blue Tooth so we can use our phones hands-free (omg!). Now we don't have to rent a car to take out-of-town visitors to the beach!

On the Height of J.J. Barea

Dallas Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea standing between two very tall people (from: Picassa user photoasisphoto ). Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks, who beat the Miami Heat tonight in game six to win the NBA championship. Okay, with that out of the way, just how tall is the busy-footed Maverick point guard J.J. Barea? He's listed as 6-foot on, but no one, not even the sports casters, believes that he can possibly be that tall. He looks like a super-fast Hobbit out there. But could that just be relative scaling, with him standing next to a bunch of extremely tall people? People on Yahoo! Answers think so ---I know because I've been Google searching "J.J. Barea Height" for the past 15 minutes. So I decided to find a photo and settle the issue once and for all. I started by downloading a stock photo of J.J. from, which I then loaded into OpenOffice Draw: I then used the basketball as my metric. Wikipedia states that an NBA basketball is 29.5 in

Mar and his cape

One day at preschool, about a month ago, Mar discovered a stash of superhero capes. He sported one of the school capes his whole day there and declared "I'm a super hero and I help people who are hurt". He became so attached to the idea of wearing a cape that I promised he could pick out some fabric from my stash and we'd make him his own. Indeed, we did! So here are some photos of his very own cape, which he wears for days at a time..... at home, at school, on errands, to the park, and sometimes to bed.

More Angry Birds!

a.k.a. best ad campaign, evar.

Loving v. Virginia

Joan Walsh of pointed us to this great video. An pair of nerdy lawyers, one conservative and one liberal, deliver the essence of Loving v. Virginia & Prop. 8.


As you watch this amazing explosion, keep in mind that the Earth is about the size of the "o" in "org" at the bottom right of the screen: The main movie comes from the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.

Owen and the art of the jump shot: Part 2

Owen is shooting about 75% with his mini-basketball...on a 10-foot hoop. He recently started using an adult men's ball when we go to the gym. He's deadly from about 5 feet: Meanwhile, my jumper remains...serviceable:

Book Fiesta in Owen's class

o r: here's owen's (& our) san rafael family - such an amazing bunch of people.

Epic Lip Sync