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What's up with Owen's arm?

by John From mama mia in the comments: "so in my weird need to figure this out, were these pins just placed above and below the bone, thru flesh/muscle tissue, just to keep the bones still while in the cast?" Yup, that's the basic picture! Owen fractured his humerus right at the joint in what the kids today call a supracondylar fracture. From what I understand, it was a vertical crack right between the points where the humerus meets the radius and ulna. The pins were inserted through his flesh into the bone on either side of the fracture, presumably to keep the bone immobilized and to help the two pieces fuse together again. Fortunately, that's all in the past now. Owen's cast is off and his right arm is rehabilitating quickly!

T'is the season...

...for christmas trees!

View from our window

A snow-capped Mt. Wilson and...a palm tree.

owen update

by erin the cast is off and the pins came out today (basically the doc just pulled them out through the skin with a pair of pliers). prognosis is good - we do a set of follow-up x-rays next week, but owen shouldn't even need physical therapy! amazing. talk about a tough 4 year old, look at these bad boys that have been holding the bones in place:

stuck in my head

by erin her voice is like red wine or maybe coffee and flourless chocolate cake. it's somehow smooth and full, yet has a ragged edge that cuts me just right. yup, i pretty much have a crush on neko case , and i'm not scared to tell you about it! youtube - neko case - this tornado loves you