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False Binaries and Good Schools

Guest post by Erin The notion that two types of schools,  “good” vs  “bad” has never sat well with me.  In short, I've come to see this as a false binary , and a particularly damaging one at that.  It undermines the fabric of the communities in which we live and groups children based on family income and race.  And I now have a better understanding of the very logical explanation for all of it.   As a parent, I was surprised at how the “good/bad” school conversations started long before my own children were old enough to attend school.   They’d surface on playground sidelines, albeit quite innocently, with chit-chat about how old the kids are, if/where they go to preschool, and in which neighborhood you live.  And without fail, the topic and timeline of your parenting choices shifts to elementary school. And that’s when the good/bad aspect inevitably comes up.   I generally tend to ask what information or measures parents are basing their statements about whethe