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Starting at center for the Washington Wizards...

...Dr. Venture! Actually, that's just Marcin Gortat. But I can't watch the Wizzards/Bulls series without the theme song from the Venture Brothers running through my head. Dunle-dun-dun!  

The intersection of the Cilppers and Warriors

Owen and I have been watching lots of NBA games this season. Now the season is over and we're in the NBA Playoffs, our two favorite teams, the Golden State (Oakland) Warriors are matched up against the Los Angeles Clippers (not the Lakers, who suck, f'real). We noticed that the two teams have a lot of overlap in the space of names: the intersection of the Clippers and Warriors player names has a lot in common. Here's what we've come up with: There are 2  Crawford s: Jamal Crawford is in the running as the best sixth man in the league, coming off the bench to play the scoring guard for the Clippers. Meanwhile, Jordan Crawford comes off the bench to play scoring guard for the Warriors. There are 2  Barnes es: Both come off the bench as small forwards: Harrison Barnes for the Warriors, vs. Matt Barnes for the Clippers There are 2 Green s: Willie Green comes off the bench as the third-string shooting guard on the Clippers while Dramond Green comes off the b