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Gigantic Lego Device

I could watch this for hours. So if I'm gonna be unproductive, so will you! Bwaaahahahahha!

Another Black man gunned down by the police

From the NYT: A white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., was charged with murder on Tuesday after a  video  surfaced showing him shooting in the back and killing an apparently unarmed black man while the man ran away. Stay tuned for White people wondering if Walter Scott is a good enough Black person to warrant anger over his death. He does, after all, have a criminal record, which the police will no doubt remind us of soon White people wondering why Black people don't worry more about Black-on-Black crime (85% of white people are killed by white people)  A call for Black people to remain calm and follow the law, ignoring the fact that this country was founded based on outrage turning to violence and then revolution. But those people back then were heroes right? Black people now need to settle down, as we'll soon hear Arguments among white people about whether this shooting is in any way related to the shooting of Michael Brown, or Eric Garner, or John Cra

Rules for the Black Birder

When you envision a typical bird watcher, you probably don't think about a Black man. However, there are a few Black birders out there. And as with most things that Black people pursue in a white world, there's a separate set of rules. Not anything huge, per se , but definitely a distinct rule set that few white people ever have to think about when spending time in nature. This is privilege vs. the lack thereof. This is the way it is in our country, and to pretend otherwise while chanting "post-racial" is like a bird sticking its head in the sand.  Video below via Slate . See also this article .