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View from my training walk: III (by Erin)

This morning I saw the sunrise over Ala Moana Beach, made my way through Waikiki past the 25th Annual Longboard Classic Surf Contest, looped Kapiolani park and headed back home to the Manoa Valley. Whew! Here's a few photos from along the way: For those who haven't heard, I'm training to walk 60 miles in 3 days for the Susan G. Komen 3-day Race for the Cure. Join me in raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness and research. Check out my personal page - I'm walking for my Aunt Margaret, friend Linda, Cousin Margaret Ellen and for all those affected by the disease.

When Out of Towners Blog

(Guest post by Stephanie and Matt Casey) On Sunday, we celebrated Owen’s 4th birthday with inflatable swimming pools, slip and slides (plural!), and lots of bubbles to chase. All available adults worked feverishly up to the moment when guests arrived. Erin and Stephanie had stayed up late the night before adding layer after layer to a rainbow jello. Along with the hot dogs and ice cream cake, it was a big hit with children and parents. As Erin tucked Owen into bed that night, he told her that he had had a great day. Alas, none labored in vain. Among other bits of knowledge, yours-truly learned that he has a future in children’s television programming if the whole Latin American/ Caribbean History thing doesn’t work out. As Owen and Stephanie were perusing some 30 second home videos on her computer, Owen expressed deep interest in a particular piano recital. Matt was hamming it up to his piano version of “I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee.” The video ends with a sudd