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Friday Morning Music Break

Ahead of the curve

Erin has started doing "bedtime math" with Owen, in addition to the normal bedtime stories. We also solve math puzzles (word problems) the car from time to time. I've been noticing that Owen has the ability to work out some pretty complicated problems in his head. The other day in the car I asked him "If we can travel 60 miles in one hour, how many minutes does it take us to go 90 miles?" He thought for about 15 seconds and then surprised me by saying "90 minutes."  It occurred to me that he had in place the basic tools for algebra. Since I'm also working on helping him deal with challenges, the other night I decided to give him some algebra problems. I told him I'd give him 10 points for each problem he solved, expecting him to get something like 30 points, tops. I'd then use that as inspiration for learning how to do the other problems. To my surprise, he got 9 out of 9 for 90 points: He's only 6.8 years old. Wh

Thursday morning music break

Go on, Bill Withers. If I had a band, I'd want a seven-foot-tall drummer with a fro and glasses just like those! h/t Brian

The first shall be last and the last shall be last

I recently wrote about my bad luck with gate assignments at airports. No matter the gate number assigned  to me, it seems that it's always the furthest from where I start. However, I noted that I might be working with a biased data set: I only notice and remember the long walks while I forget the times when I get the gate right next to the security check point. So like a good scientist, I called for more data. My trip back from Newark provided me with an interesting datum: Okay, let's see here. Gate C98. Seems like a large number, better brace myself for a long walk. But then again, the numbers might count down this time... C70 through C115. Well, it's not the first gate, but at least it's not the last. Middle of the range, here we come! Hmmm, seems that I've hit a quantum fluctuation and the universe has split. But maybe this time the numbers will decrease and I'll be at the first gate. Fingers are crossed... Oh come on! Really?  Well

The Bachelor...a sad, short story about Earth

This is why SMBC has quickly become my favorite web comic. This. Is. Awesome.

A day in the life....

Owen (walking in the door from school holding two flowers): "Mom, this one is for you and Dad to share. And this one is for an experiment." -------- Marcus (from the back of the car while I was driving): "I have a penis, Owen has a penis, Daddy has a penis, but OOOOPS! Mommy does not have a penis. I guess it's a lucky day for us!" -------- Owen (from the backseat):  "Mom, boys and girls are different.  Boys like things that are scary and fast and sweaty and have balls.  Girls like things that are like princesses and baby seals." Erin: "Hmmm, why is that?" Owen: "I don't know, but today at school I was reading a book all about sharks and one page had a shark eating a baby seal.  It was so cool and I showed it to Penelope and she thought it was sad." Erin: "Why?" Owen: "She really likes baby seals. But I like sharks." ------ Marcus woke up at 4AM declaring that he was hungry.  I came downstairs wit