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it's official (aka. "finally, ugh!")

the loan is funded, the sellers are out. the house on glenarm, is ours, no doubt! so book your tickets, and pack your gear, come pay us a visit can't wait 'til you're here! the privacy hedge in front. the gate looks like it's for hobbits, but really, unless you're over 6 feet you won't even need to duck! so excited about the 5th burner on the gas stove! contemplating the changes in front of the garage/playroom what will we have for dinner out here?!?!? beer & bbq, naturally happy homeowners first family photo in the window seat

stand for something, then walk towards it

we did it! with your help i raised over $2600 towards increasing breast cancer awareness and research. last weekend, my dear friend sarah & i walked 60 miles in the susan g. komen breast cancer 3-day. friday, we joined 1600 other walkers at the cow palace for the open ceremony and made our way up the golden state highway to the golden gate bridge. after we set up our hot pink tent, we hunkered down for a chilly night of camping in crissy field. saturday morning we headed out across the golden gate bridge, walked through sausalito, and into mill valley. after a quick pit stop for lunch, we made our way back through marin, accross the bridge again, and into camp for another cold night. i'm so grateful to have met marlene, a 17 year b.c. survivor and to have had her courage, spunk, and wisdom to keep us going. she walked 80% of the time with us saturday and always found energy to race to the bottom of the hills. day 3 brought us to golden gate park and through some of s

This Just In

Marcus Johnson, the boy who won't eat anything unless it's liquid or heavily diluted in Vitamin D milk, now likes Noah's challah bread, coleslaw and pickles. Wait a second...curly hair, fair skin. Wasn't our old mailman, Ephram, from New York...?