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Introducing Marcus

Erin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 10:15am today. I'd like to introduce you to Marcus Asher Johnson.

How 'bout some numbers:
Weight: 7 lbs 3.7 oz
Length: 19 3/4 inches
Head Circumference: 13 inches
Chest Circumfrence: 13 inches
Cute factor: 11 out of 10

We sure were surprised when Marcus turned out to be 22% lighter than his 9 lb 4 oz big brother! I sure like the lighter package and slimmer form factor of the '08 model Baby Johnson. I'm home now for a short time while Marcus and Mommy sleep and eat at the hospital. Marcus is a champ with a breast. He latched on immediately when he was only 2 hours old. Johnsons are fast learners :)

We should all be home together by Monday night. Thanks for all of you kinds words and well wishes! Here are some pics (more to come):


jcom said…
Congratulations to the whole Johnson clan!! Marcus is already sportin some rad hair there.
Marshall said…
Congrats to Mom, Dad, and Big Bro! The cuteness scale does indeed go to eleven. :-)
kellifornia said…
Yea! Congrats, and thank you for sending photos in such a timely fashion : ) What a great surprise this morning to see your new little cutie!
Cory said…
So cute! Congratulations. Marcus and my niece have the same birthday! YEAAAHHH!!
Amy Brain said…
Congratulations Johnson Family!
Another Beautiful Creation!
Welcome, Marcus! Great Work, Erin!
Love the pic with Owen, John and Marcus. Blessings!
DJS said…
What a cutey! Dad looks pretty tired, too. All the best from Albany!

Daniel, Gita and Palomi
Debbie said…
Wonderful news Johnson family! Marcus is adorable and we can't wait to meet him in person! Great job mama Erin!
Amy Van Hook said…
So, how's big brother Owen doing? We'll have to give Nona a call. :)
Aunt Linda said…
He's awesome. Congratulations.
And what a proud brother Owie must be, only surpassed by the proud and loving Nona and Poppy....Hugs to all. See you in Houston.
iljie said…
congratulations!!! :)
Weems Clan said…
Welcome to the "Big Sibling" Clan, Owen!!!! You are going to be an amazing big brother..I know it! Marcus Asher is so lucky to have such a wonderful big brother as you. I know you'll be a master teacher of the waves, the drums, and the groove. I love you, Tyrah
Weems Clan said…
Marcus Asher, you are an absolute doll! No doubt, the beautiful Poussin/Johnson genes have done their job! What a cutie pie! We can't wait to meet you! Welcome to the world! Love, Sarah, Tyrone, Tyrah, Zaynah, and Squash Boogie
martha said…
Wow! What a cutie! We are looking forward to holding the new Marcus Asher and giving some real love to Owen. Good job!
Lot's of love from Nana and Papa Johnson
babyboyg said…
Congratulations! We can't wait to meet the newest Johnson!

~ Alex, Laura and Dan

P.S. We know that Grandma is in town, but we are only a few streets away if you need ANYTHING!
OMG Johnson clan....this is awesome. Sending big ol love from Cali. XO Lizzie
OMG Johnson clan- this is awesome. Big ol love from Cali! XO
Jia said…
Congratulations! So happy to hear this good news. Owen will be very excited to play with the new brother. Miss you guys!
LaFonda Fedrico said…
Congrats John, Erin and Mr.Owen!
Welcome to the world
Mr. Marcus Asher Johnson!
Aaahh... what a beautiful family you are. We love you.
Christine said…
Perfection! Congrats to the newly expanded Johnson family. We can't wait to meet Baby Marcus and to see Owen in action around the little guy! Both boys are so lucky to have you as parents. Love, Christine, Chris, and Ava
karinms said…
Congratulations!!!!! I can't believe quite yet that there is a new Johnson around! Can't wait to meet Marcus! I've had a tasty Scotch in your honor.
Code name: 1% said…
Congratulations on #2! I hear the second one is way easier (quite often told to me by my parents, as I was the first). Hopefully that head circumference to chest circumference ratio decreases with age.
Kimberly said…
Major Congrats!! We need more cute people in the world! And you're just the family to help with that!

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