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summer fun

A lizard as a large number

Erin (reading a book): "C. C is for...chameleon."
Owen: "I think that says CHa-meleon."
Erin: "That's right, there is a C-H on the front."
Owen: "That is a number with six zeros and a one."
Erin: "..."
Owen: "Cha-million!"

TMT/Discover Panel Discussion

They finally posted the video from the TMT/Discover discussion panel on exoplanets. It was a true honor to share the stage with Gibor Basri, one of my mentors from UC Berkeley.

Warning: At the time of this writing there is a bug in the video player that causes it to jump to the beginning if you try to use the time scroll-bar to rewind or fast-forward. Once you start, there's no turning back! (But you can pause).

The accompanying article in Discover Magazine won't be out until October. I'll post it once it is published.