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weekend update

hands down, this has to have been our busiest weekend in hawaii. we didn't plan it that way, nor am i complaining. it's been a blast and certainly left us all exhausted. here's a quick recap:
  • friday: DATE NIGHT! our pal, laura (she's rad, btw), came over to sit with owen so we could have a night out. we went to tokkuri-tei for dinner, which i'm pretty sure translates directly to "crazy japanese". it was unreal. it's known as an izakaya (basically a tavern, but the name comes from "i (to remain)" and "sakaya" (sake shop) where customers were allowed to stay and drink/eat). a few things we ordered - squid pancake, assorted sashimi, fried octopus, ikura with shredded daikon... oh and a large sake! we finished the evening with a trip to leonards for their famous malasadas. what a treat :)
  • saturday:
7:30 AM - owen and i did a whirlwind tour of the farmer's market and stocked up on all this for the week (see photo). highlights were mangosteen (purplish spheres up front) and fresh whole wheat bread. that's also some grass fed local beef from the north shore(burgers tonight!)
9:00 AM - john and owen had some special play time while i went to an indian cooking class at our neighbor's house. with the help of chef ganesh we learned to make: chana masala, eggplant garlic curry, assorted pakora, roti (potato suffed flatbread), saffron rice, and mango lassi. the coolest part (other than eating it!) was getting orders from ganesh and creating the "foundation" of all indian dishes, which is centered on onion and a bazillion spices and herbs. i'm still full!

1:30 pm we RAN to catch the bus down to waikiki to watch the thunderbirds airshow. john and i were pumped about the f16s, as was owen. he kept saying "airplane really fast" and asking for more each time they zipped by. honestly though, he was WAY more interested in the birds he met at the park:

  • sunday: after john spent the better part of the morning moving one of these for a friend, we worked the two-year-old-birthday-party circuit. we iced cookies and celebrated with alex, then headed up the road for noe's party (owen's new partner in crime, who lives next door). owen certainly enjoyed hanging with all the kids and had a special bond with a little girl, zaffie, who seemed to love elmo as much as he does!


mquinn said…
Wow. Owen has a busier social life than I do. Yes, my life is that sad.
HeyLindsay said…
Wow, Owen was much braver with that bird than I ever could have been. And of course he is going to so many birthday parties, have you seen how friggin' cute he is? Do you think he'll come to my birthday party? I like Elmo...
Amy said…
Zaffie has curly hair like Tyra...AND she likes Elmo... Man, Owen is poular.

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