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saturday in kapiolani park

this morning, owen and i took john to the airport for his second "bye-bye airplane" to the big island to use the keck telescopes. it's a super quick flight (about 40 min) from oahu to hawaii meaning that daddy will only be gone until tomorrow afternoon.

we already had the jogging stroller packed in the trunk for a stroller strides class, and before class began, we took a short detour to watch a garbage truck empty 6 dumpsters. owen was in heaven, and i'm pretty sure we'll know every sanitary engineer on the island before the year is up.

once class was over we joined the other moms and their keiki (children) to make a sea-life
mural. after about 20 minutes of coloring and gluing, owen was done, so we grabbed "mommy coffee" and "specail milk" (vanilla-flavored milk) and headed to the okinawan festival in the park.

about 24% of oahu's population is of japanese descent, making the festival a big deal. we perused the seleciton of goldfish for sale where i made promises of purchase once we get a fish bowl. then over to watch some taiko drumming and do a little dancing. our last stop was at the giant plant tent where we bought our first plants on the island: two orchids, a dainty bansai and 4 herb plants - cilantro, dill, mint, & thai basil.

on our way out of the festival we walked past the food vendors where they were selling all kinds of festival food. it was just too hard to decide between the uchinaaguchi (pigs feet soup) for 7 scrips or anadagi (okinawan equivalent of a doughnut) for 5 scrips. with a scrip line 25 people long and a fussy two year old, i had to make the responsible decision to head home for "baba nite-nite".

guess now i've gotta go buy a fishbowl :)


karinms said…
I may have missed some subtle sarcasm, but I'm going to go ahead and claim that choosing between pigs feet soup and okinawan donuts is relatively straightforward. :-)

Yay for new plants!
mama mia said…
love the orchid photo and that you can see "the big 100 year old house" from your window. Nice view of the yard.
Amy said…
Maybe Auntie Amy can get you the goldfish when she comes to see Owen...IN A MONTH!
martha said…
You are both great writers!!!
Love the pictures and descriptions of fun times with Owen. I feel like I am right there ...SORT OF!!!

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