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poke power

don't go thinking that I mean poke-mon. i mean, poke (pronounced poh-kee). it's the hawaiian word for "section" or "to slice or cut". poke is fish salad that is right at home on hawaiian tables. and let me tell you sushi lovers, it's divine!

i'd heard of poke before, and even remember eating it a few years ago at a pacific-rim-tapas-fusion restaurant in berkeley called grasshopper. turns out that native hawaiians used to eat a form of poke right on their fishing boats. the modern version got popular in the 1970s and has strong japanese influence.

i was blown away when i went into foodland and saw that the entire fresh fish case had 8 choices of poke. sure enough, you can buy it already prepared, or do it yourself. a standard poke has:
  • fish - sashimi grade cut into one inch cubes (ahi, aku, tako, crab, mussel)
  • finely chopped onions/scallions
  • seaweed
  • sesame oil, chiles, and soy sauce
some people add tobiko, tomato, tofu etc.

anyhow, i got a little mix-it-yourself package and it was a tasty appetizer last night. we had yakisoba (japanese stir fried noodles & veggies) as our main course. owen chanted "YAKI-no-BA!" on the way home from the playground, but tuns out all he really wanted to eat was a nectarine.

johnson-style poke with ahi (tuna), scallions, ogo (seaweed) and
mild chile/shoyu dressing. sooooo good!


JohnJohn said…
That poke was the bomb. I had the leftovers for lunch today and now I am a very happy person as a result.

Thanks for the post, Erin! Keep the food updates coming.
karinms said…
I just got so hungry. That looks awesome. Ok, I'm off to find some food.
mquinn said…
That stuff looks so good. I just ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I'm too busy to cook due to my upcoming qualifying exam. Thanks for making it taste terrible.
Anonymous said…
THAT! is what I want for my birthday when I come visit. And maybe we can find some of those little balls of red bean and/or green tea ice cream...what are they called? I've been living in the midwest, I can't remember names of japanese(-ish) food.
mquinn said…
mochi, amy, mochi.

mmmmmmmmmmm mochi.
kellifornia said…
Um, have you ever heard of Top Chef? Marcel and Ilan made magic with some Poke. I'm suprised they have ready mix boxes! Go Erin. But seriously, check out last season of Top Chef : )

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