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HFS! We found our dream apt!

Our plan was simple. Get to Hawaii and hang out in a vacation rental for most of August while we take our time looking for a decent place to live. Well, things just got simpler today. Our plane landed at 10:30am this morning (more on our flying adventures later) and we spent the day hanging out in Waikiki. This evening Erin and I decided to cruise around town while Nonna (Erin's mom) put The Boy down for the night. While we were out, we got a call from a guy we've been in contact with about a 3 bedroom flat in Manoa (right next to the IfA). He asked if we could stop by sometime tonight. Um, heck yeah we could! We pointed the Hertz NeverLost GPS to the address and drove on over.

When we pulled up we got to meet Faye, the super-nice, Japanese landlady. We introduced ourselves, gave her our renters resume and took a look at the place. Here are the highlights of the pad:
  • 3 bedrooms (that's right people, you can have your very own guest room)
  • 1.5 bathrooms (0.5 in the master bedroom)
  • Huge living room, probably twice as large as our place in the UC Village
  • Dining room = 2x old place
  • Japanese sliding doors between dining area and living room
  • Same sized kitchen as our old place, but with a breakfast nook
  • yard
  • 2 car covered parking
  • laundry inside
  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL! (never had one before)
  • A Park down the street
  • Rent = average price for 2 bedroom in Manoa
Come on, you're saying. This place can't be that perfect. Right? Well, there was a frikkin' rainbow outside when we were done scoping it out.

Long story short we told Faye we'd take it if she'd take us. Faye gave us both hugs and said she really liked us and would love to have us as tenants. Yup, our hunt for the perfect apartment took all of 2 hours (of course, I'm neglecting the 87,000 hours Erin has spent on Craigslist in the past three months).

Also, I should mention the fact that we haven't actually signed anything yet. We should get a call from Faye's property manager tomorrow or the next day. Erin doesn't want to jinx anything, but come on. A frikkin' rainbow!

The Johnson Pad 2.0 opens later this month when our stuff arrives (fingers and toes crossed).


karinms said…
That is frickin amazing! This place sounds perfect. I can't wait to make use of the guest bedroom! I'm so glad your first day as Hawaiians went so well.
LizRey said…
Holy Hell, Batman! I can't believe you guys already found a place! That might be a world record. Remember how you got hooked up sweet-style when you first got to Berkeley? It's kind of Erin's good parking space karma.

I can't wait to see pictures!
kellifornia said…
"3 bedrooms (that's right people, you can have your very own guest room)" = best news I've heard all day!
mquinn said…
JJ, it looks like you're going to have to start a timeshare program with your guest room. If available, I'd like my name down for Sept 1 until infinity.
JohnJohn said…
Great idea Quinn! We can give you Sept-Oct. After that you gotta find your own place. Sorry...
fayebean said…
Forget the Rainbow, her frickin name was Faye!!!!! You should have known it was a done deal!!! Rainbow shmainbow!!!
JohnJohn said…
Sorry to but the frikkin' rainbow ahead of you, Faye! That was yet another amazing coincidence in a day full of amazing coincidences. My back!

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