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Promoting New Personal Astro Websites

Here are two fine examples of personal astro websites. This one is from Ann Marie Cody, a former Caltech grad student and current postdoc at the Spitzer Science Center: 

Ann Marie says: "I made the design, software husband kindly coded it up." Just to be clear, her husband is skilled in writing software. I'm pretty sure he's not just a software rendering of a person :)
Bonus points for the awesome pic of her rappelling outside her office window.

And OSU grad student Matthew Penny's page:

Matt opted for the straight-forward HTML layout, putting all of the important info right up front in easy-to-update plain text. Matt writes: "Thanks for the post - it inspired me to do some housekeeping on my website. It remains mostly as it was, but I was guilty of not having my CV on there, and you had to click around to find some information. It's more concise now, and easier to find what you're looking for (I hope)." Yes, I agree. Matt's comment is also a nice reminder that we need to keep our pages up to date (I'm looking at me right now...).

I like both pages. They both provide all of the vital info about these two researchers in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Nice work Matthew and Ann Marie!


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