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Amazing Performances I.

Fifth-year astro grad student Tim posted this video to his Gmail status, along with the challenge, "If you know of a more impressive performance, please share."

What constitutes an impressive performance is a bit subjective, but then again, it kinda isn't. I'll be posting contenders in the weeks to come. If you know of amazing performacnes, musical or otherwise, please let me know in the comments!


Missy said…
I'm partial to Schubert's "Trout" quintet, because Schubie was one of the only composers who produced works truly with the whole orchestra (and the viola, which I played) in mind. Typically, the viola is mostly accompaniment,.except for really modern composers, so to play Schubert as a violist is a dream. it's also great for the entire group, because it's more technically challenging when everyone has a melody to play.

This piece is fantastic, by itself, but back in the day, some of the most amazing solo musicians of their time (Zuckerman, perlman, dupre, mehta) all got together to play some fabulous chamber music. The thing that makes this such a great piece is that these are all extraordinarily talented soloists in their own right, who could all sell out an entire hall, and yet, they're playing together, having a grand time,.and it's apparent in their joy during the performance.

Might be a little long, but check out the last couple of minutes to see the camaraderie at the end. Fantastic.
HAZEL + IVY said…
I think this harmonica performance is AMAZING!

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