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grateful for mommy-time

about a month ago, i had a "mommy getaway" to the bay area - a whole weekend away from 6 AM responsibility and reading Richard Scarry's Cars, Trucks and Things that Go. a belated birthday blessing from john & what a treat! lots of time with girlfriends, yummy california produce, burritos, cheeseboard pizza, and a tea party at the sweetest tea house in lafayette.

tea time!

fun treats for new baby



supper club ladies (less mckay)

keeping with the tea party theme, the mom's group that i'm a part of hosted a "mom's day out" yesterday to honor those of us with little ones on the way. we went to the historic moana surfrider hotel (can you say "schmancy"?!?!) in waikiki and enjoyed high tea on the veranda. a super excuse to get dressed up and eat petit fores!

the three of us with leis are expecting (all boys!)

wanee at 8 mos. & me at 7 mos. pregnant
(next door neighbor & mom of owen's buddy, noe)


mama mia said…
Erin, you look mah-velous!
blissful_e said…
Oooh la la! That little boy nestled inside is certainly eating well! :) You look great and I'm so glad you're enjoying some pampering as you prep for motherhood x2.
karinms said…
I love your dress! Also, I love that picture of the supper club reunion...what a great pose by Allegra :-D
Anonymous said…
was the surfrider where we had that awesome calamari for my birthday lunch. if i remember right, we sat in the non-schmancy section. ;)
martha said…
I loved all the Owen vidoes.
martha said…
I loved all the owen videos.
martha said…
I really loved that Owen knows his planets.

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