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"Costco hot dog"

this afternoon owen and i went to the busiest costco in the world.
seriously, it's the busiest... but the lines are never longer than two
people, because all the checkstands are open!

our treat for surviving is to have what owen likes to call "cocko hoggog".
$1.50 for a 1/4 lb kosher beef hot dog and a drink.
we load it up with ketchup, mustard (AKA "yellow ketchup"), and relish

as we were enjoying our hoggogs, i looked at owen and said,
"did you know when daddy was little he used to eat a hot dog everyday?"
to which he replied matter-of-factly, "yeah"

if you're down with the cocko hoggog, lemme hear ya! (check out the survey on the right side)


LizRey said…
Wow..... cocko hoggogs are the same price in Hawaii as they are in Minnesota? That's impressive.

And seriously. If you like chicken bake, there is something wrong with you.
Amy Van Hook said…
I've only ever had the greasy pepperoni pizza...maybe that's why I couldn't sleep on the plane home last time to visit.
where's the button on the survey for people who have never been to a cocko and never even had a chance to choose between a cocko hoggog or a cocko chicken bake? i detect a non-cocko-shopping bias in this survey and thereby will not consider its results an accurate representation of the preferences of food consumers.
mquinn said…
I'm down with the cocko hoggog though I recommend sticking to a single unit. I once consumed two (shopping at cocko makes me HUNGRY!) and they didn't sit so well.
JohnJohn said…
I tried to add a selection to the poll for people who have never been to Costco, but Blogspot said, "You cannot edit this poll because someone has already voted." Blogspot really cares about the integrity of their polls.
mama mia said…
Can you extend the deadline until I come to cocko in Hawaii?

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