Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cure for the middle-school blues

Pictures of You by the PS22 chorus (via the Daily Dish):

Oh, man. Erin and I got choked up watching this...

Video here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Дорога домой

Can someone explain any of this to me? If not, that's cool, I'll enjoy it anyway :)

Video here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

View from my training walk V: California edition (by Erin)

this morning was my first 10+ miler in so-cal. i started just before 6AM and the only other people awake were some young'uns who were still going strong from last night's house party. i did a lot of wandering through both residential and shopping districts, and finished the trip with a visit to noah's & peets. it doesn't get any better than this.

Cahill Center for Astrophysics (aka. "daddy's new work")

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New, new, new (by Erin)

The last week has been quite a whirlwind. Packing, playing, cleaning, hugging, crying, waving, flying, moving, landing, greeting, hugging, settling, and exploring are just a few of our latest endeavors. Here are few photos from the adventure:

Last bball at Punahou

Mar at Punahou playground

Farewell to Auntie Fay (our fabulous landlady)

Astronomy Farewell Gathering

Farewell dinner

Owen listening to oldies, while enjoying a Tootsie-pop, and catching up on the latest air safety make Owen a happy boy

We're settling in nicely in Pasadena, despite bouts with a nasty cold that's made the rounds through our family. Owen has informed us that since he has a new house, a new haircut (trim), and lives in a new place, he needs a new name. He has requested that we address him and refer to him by his chosen name, "Russia". He's also informed us that when we move to our next new house he would like it to be in the mountains and at such time, he'd like to be known as "Yeti". Oh, to be four and full of big ideas :)

Tuning up the running bike

Serious breakfast discussions about how milk tastes its best - in cereal or in a sippy

Chalk drawings out back

One last anecdote. In Augst of 2007, upon arrival in our Hawaii home, John took this quick photo of Owen in a beach chair left by the previous tenant:

Two years later, the lawn chair is again left behind.

View from my training walk: IV (by Erin)

My final training walks in Hawaii were simply lovely. It's been amazing to spend the last two years in this island paradise and I'm already missing the ocean views and wonderful walking partners.

A few photos from Saturday's walk through Waikiki:

Long-arm of Heather and me nearing the end of a 9 mile walk through Kaimuki, Kahala & up Wilhelmina rise. That's the Diamond head crater in the distance...

Aloha & a hui hou O'ahu!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Way of the Brick

A brand new Lego Store (Hawaii's first) recently opened at Ala Moana Center and Owen has already been there twice and come back richer in lego bricks each time. However, while Owen is a frequent customer, until today I hadn't yet visited the wonder that is the Lego Store. As a kid I played with Legos just about daily from age 6 through high school. But since leaving home I've rarely made enough money to indulge in Lego kits, and to be honest I haven't had much time. But now that Owen is 4, he has the hand-eye coordination and patience to build some pretty impressive creations.

So today I decided to make my first visit to the Hawaii Lego Store. Owen, of course, joined me. He has had his eye on a yellow Creator prop-driven airplane for some time, often walking around the house with his catalog letting us know that today would be a good day to buy the plane in case we were interested. But what I didn't recognize from the tiny photo in the catalog is that the yellow prop-driven plane is AWESOME! It's much bigger and more detailed than the red Creator jet Owen purchased with his birthday money last month. And compared to the clunky airplanes I used to build back in the day? Forget it. Legos have come a long way in the past 15 years.

So when I saw Creator #6745 in the store I felt a rush of memories about constructing an intricate model starting from the myriad tiny pieces and slowly building toward the final objective. I needed that kit. Owen needed that kit. But I don't want to spoil the boy. He shouldn't think that just because we go to a toy store that he should get something new. And I don't want Owen to be one of those kids who has so many toys that he's bored with them.

I stood there with Owen, mesmerized by the brilliant illustrations on the Lego box. I then started hearing the voices of the proverbial devil and angel resting on my shoulders. The devil suggested that it wouldn't be Owen's toy, it would be mine. I've had a really productive year, so I should reward myself! But then the angel chimed in and said: "Dammit, just buy it!"

So it was unanimous. Here's a time-lapse video of the plane's construction, followed by some photos of the finished model. Oh man, I'm hooked once again! I know what Owen and Marcus are getting for Christmas...and Thanksgiving and Halloween...

(The time-lapse was shot at 4 frames per minute and play-back is at 24 fps, shot with Gawker and my iSight camera. It took us almost exactly an hour to build the plane. Facebookers, check out our blog for the video if it doesn't show up here.)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Steph in the photo blogosphere

Stephanie's photo of Owen was recently featured on a photography blog ( Check it out here. The original post on our blog is here. Go Stephanie! Go Owen! Go bubbles!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

MarMar Makes One

Today is Marcus' 1st birthday, and we celebrated in style. Instead of throwing a massive party at the beach (been there, did that yesterday), we decided to have a low-key celebration at home. And since I'm taking off for the telescope later today we went for breakfast-style birthday, complete with eggs, turkey bacon and Erin's extra-special mango muffins with cream cheese icing. As the Hawaiians say: Ono grinds!

Local Hawaiians say that a child "makes one" rather than "turns one." In addition to making one, Marcus also "made a mess" with his muffin. Note the similarities between this picture and this picture from Owen's 1st birthday (below). Some similarities were planned, others were not.

Check out that spread! Amazingly, 4 muffins remain at the time of this writing.
Mar loves his new dump truck that he received from our downstairs neighbor Auntie Elizabeth. Not to be outmatched, Owen rolls up with his bigger dump truck.