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momomo date night

it's been awhile since we had a night out, so our pals watched owen and we headed out for some japanese food! we decided to go to momomo, another izakaya, which john reported would be a little more on the "schmancy" side. the interior was really minimalist and beautiful. black and red stylings and special rooms on the side where you sit on pillows.

we started with the sake sampler & the chef's choice of sashimi. mo...
then shrimp with mayonnaise sauce (the taste was far better than the name, kind of a miso mayo). by the time the deep fried calamari arrived, we were feeling happy. we then upgraded our sake to yaegaki "mu". the menu's description was as follows: From your first sip you'll be satisfied by brilliantly aromatic and complex flavor of yunamai daiginjo (the type of sake i think). our expert opinion was that it tasted just like flowers... in a good way, not in the way where you sniff too much of granny's perfume. OH, i almost forgot. the waitress brought out the small square box and set a little glass inside. she then poured from the blue frosty bottle until the glass overflowed into the box. we looked at her puzzled. she picked up on our haole-hood and said "you just pour from the box when you've emptied the glass". mo....

next up - spicy tuna roll. this is always my favorite. i've made it my mission to always order a spicy roll and i'm usually of the mentality that it's always better with sesame seeds. not tonight. it was so simple and so delicious, only avocado and a little more spicy tuna were rolled on the outside. so, so good.

we finshed up with a mousse-like cake called palme chocolate. we ate it with the world's tiniest forks too. MO!


HeyLindsay said…
What a fun night! We want! Please put this on the list of places to take the honies when they are in Hawaii!
The worst time to eat sushi is while on your lunch break from work. This is because you miss out on the experience of ordering another 15 pieces of sashimi because you just pounded your fifth box of sake. This is a reason why you must permit me to get drunk at every meal while I am in Hawaii.

How far is your pad from a beach, on foot, by jogging, where someone could go for a comfortable morning swim?
erinjohn said…
i'd say a 30 minute jog, a 15 minute bike ride (you can ride john's bike) or a 8 minute car ride. there will be plenty of sake and plenty of time to go for a morning swim :) i can't wait!
LizRey said…
That sounds like so much deliciousness. God I love sushi.
Anonymous said…
would that be a tube top that you are wearing?

can't stop lovin' those tube tops!

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